Anthony Robbins said, "The difference in the results that people produce comes down to what they’ve done differently from others in the same situations."  We at Atlas Marketing Partners believe that Direct Response media is the same. A good approach is not to just have a good buy, but to have one that works. It’s that effortless. Making it work is not without effort, of course, but we make it seem that way. Direct Response with Atlas Marketing Partners doesn’t need three to six months to assess the gains. We trace returns and results on a daily basis and then adjust accordingly. We analyze which aspects of the plan are working and which are not and work diligently to make it all work.  We measure and evaluate the ROI, track the cost per lead, and scrutinize the cost of sales. We know that you expect to see the profit line on the graph rising and running, and if it’s not, we change what strategies need to be changed to make it happen. This is the core of Direct Response TV, Direct Response Radio, Direct Response Print, and Direct Response Internet Marketing. We purchase media to produce leads and sales. That’s what we do, and it’s as easy as that. Don’t you think Anthony Robbins would approve?






Vanity Tracking



One of the main difficulties in the media sector is that direct response shops struggle to understand brand shops and brand shops struggle to understand DR shops, and they are definitely not mutually exclusive.  At Atlas Marketing Partners, we are experts at both, and know the goals involved in establishing and maintaining brand recognition and loyalty work in conjunction with one another.

We explore this in the arena of Vanity URL Tracking as a hybrid of Direct Response and Branding.  We have the ability to allow you to measure the efficiency of your media and build your brand while tracking ROI without using various toll-free numbers and domain names.  Atlas Marketing Partners uses SalesForce, a highly effective direct response tracking software, to track and provide individualized reports for vanity phone numbers and domain names and can even quantify results when the same vanity number is utilized in all advertising.  If your objective is to develop awareness of your brand AND focus lead traffic to specifically generate sales and leads at the lowest rates possible, then Atlas Marketing Partners is the perfect choice for you and your company.










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