Anthony Robbins said, "The difference in the results that people produce comes down to what they’ve done differently from others in the same situations."  We at Atlas Marketing Partners believe that Direct Response media is the same. A good approach is not to just have a good buy, but to have one that works. It’s that effortless. Making it work is not without effort, of course, but we make it seem that way. Direct Response with Atlas Marketing Partners doesn’t need three to six months to assess the gains. We trace returns and results on a daily basis and then adjust accordingly. We analyze which aspects of the plan are working and which are not and work diligently to make it all work.  We measure and evaluate the ROI, track the cost per lead, and scrutinize the cost of sales. We know that you expect to see the profit line on the graph rising and running, and if it’s not, we change what strategies need to be changed to make it happen. This is the core of Direct Response TV, Direct Response Radio, Direct Response Print, and Direct Response Internet Marketing. We purchase media to produce leads and sales. That’s what we do, and it’s as easy as that. Don’t you think Anthony Robbins would approve?






Direct Response Television

At Atlas Marketing Partners, we believe each client requires and deserves an individual plan for buying Direct Response Television (DRTV).  We create a campaign that targets a specific audience at a specific time, analyzes daily responses, and revises the buy to increase the effectiveness of the cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale directly.  With DRTV at Atlas Marketing Partners, results drive us to drive your campaign so that traffic is driven to your website and generating a multitude of inbound calls and getting customers to purchase your products and services.







Great advertising is what drives people to become customers and many products and services can be efficiently marketed for sale in 30 or 60 seconds.  Some products and services, however, require more time – and that is when long form DRTV comes to play.  A 30-minute commercial, called an infomercial, allows for a product’s or service’s whole story and details and helps forge a connection between the product or service and the people you wish to become customers.  Quality of the long form DRTV is important and ranks second only to the ROI.  While the investment may be weightier for long form DRTV, if the ROI is high while the cost-per-sale remains low, its worth is unfathomable.  When done the right way, a Direct Response TV campaign can be one of the strongest and most effective forms of advertising today. No other format can give you the visibility, accountability, and scalability that DRTV can. A successful DRTV infomercial campaign can propel your company, product, or service to the highest levels of sales and recognition.



Long form DRTV and short form DR TV are both designated to seek out specific consumers and sell products.  The planning, development, and implementation of a DRTV campaign demands an incredible amount of experience and coordination.  When we build a strategy for direct selling, we calculate all of the components from the media to the target audience to the creative itself as well as integrate all of your inbound calls, website, customer managements, and order fulfillment.  Our aim is your objective – to generate the highest possible returns and to maximize sales potential.




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