Anthony Robbins said, "The difference in the results that people produce comes down to what they’ve done differently from others in the same situations."  We at Atlas Marketing Partners believe that Direct Response media is the same. A good approach is not to just have a good buy, but to have one that works. It’s that effortless. Making it work is not without effort, of course, but we make it seem that way. Direct Response with Atlas Marketing Partners doesn’t need three to six months to assess the gains. We trace returns and results on a daily basis and then adjust accordingly. We analyze which aspects of the plan are working and which are not and work diligently to make it all work.  We measure and evaluate the ROI, track the cost per lead, and scrutinize the cost of sales. We know that you expect to see the profit line on the graph rising and running, and if it’s not, we change what strategies need to be changed to make it happen. This is the core of Direct Response TV, Direct Response Radio, Direct Response Print, and Direct Response Internet Marketing. We purchase media to produce leads and sales. That’s what we do, and it’s as easy as that. Don’t you think Anthony Robbins would approve?









Our outsourced services allow you to simplify your direct response processes and further enable the ability to focus on your core business, your budget, and the increasing ROI you will experience with us.  Atlas Marketing Partners utilizes SalesForce for extensive, individualized reports that can be customized and made available on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis.  These highly-detailed reports elaborate upon customer business data to help you provide services and/or products that your customers want, provide improved customer service, enable you to cross-sell and up-sell more effectively, close deals, retain current customers, and truly understand who the customer is that desires your products and/or services.

Atlas Marketing Partners offers several options for outsourced solutions to help see your direct response campaigns into fruition.


    *  Call center management

    *  Fulfillment

    *  Merchant processing

    *  Order management

    *  Outsourced customer service

    *  Telemarketing





With both the customer and the agent in mind, ATLAS MARKETING PARTNERS creates and organizes an individualized call center strategy to guide sales and profits to their maximum potential.  Using customer management solutions, or CRM, we work directly with the client, call center, and agents to attain our customer’s primary goal… results!


We deploy all types of call centers — inbound, outbound, 24/7, small boutique, large corporate, customer service, and aggressive sales teams.  We optimize and investigate all aspects of the call center to ensure the best possible results.  Atlas Marketing Partners will manage your business contacts, clients, contract wins, and sales leads.  Every call is an opportunity – an opportunity for an interested person to become your customer.





At ATLAS MARKETING PARTNERS, we can provide assistance in locating the perfect partner to outsource your product fulfillment services for your direct response campaigns. By outsourcing to a leading fulfillment house, you receive the best of breed services, infrastructure, and support that you may be difficult, timely, and/or costly to manage on your own.


By enabling you to focus on your core business and leaving the order fulfillment to specialized experts in the field, you reap the benefits of their vast experience while streamlining your own systems, thus reducing your inventory management, overhead, and overall fulfillment costs.





At ATLAS MARKETING PARTNERS, we can provide assistance in locating the perfect merchant processing provider to help you accept and process your payments using web, phone, mail, debit cards, credit cards, e-checks, and electronic gateways. The success of your direct response campaigns relies hugely on your ability to keep a client – even if they can’t pay in person. By partnering with a leading merchant account processor, you get best-in-industry services, reliable reporting, and the necessary support allowing you to more easily manage your cash flow.


By working with a Direct Response-friendly merchant account processor, you gain from their experience while minimizing your transactional costs and, more importantly, optimizing your cash reserves.





At ATLAS MARKETING PARTNERS, we can provide assistance to outsource advanced order management systems for your direct response campaigns.


By outsourcing best-of-breed order management solutions, you can receive real-time tracking, visibility, and insight of your orders from your direct response efforts.  Having knowledge of your key order management metrics immediately translates into increased sales and greatly improved operational efficiencies.





Successful customer service almost immediately translates into additional revenue and increased customer retention. From order tracking and customer inquiries to general company or product questions and answers, the outsourced customer service solutions through Atlas Marketing Partners can provide your customers the exact service they are looking for.


At ATLAS MARKETING PARTNERS, we have the experience and knowledge to set up an outsourced customer service program that is customized for your needs and goals with scalable solutions for comprehensive customer relationship management.




When you outsource your telemarketing programs through ATLAS MARKETING PARTNERS, we coordinate and implement a full telemarketing strategy. We analyze your current inbound or outbound telemarketing program and modify them into a highly profitable revenue stream. Our outsourced telemarketing services provide services ranging from analyzing inbound and outbound telemarketing calls and setting goals to adjusting scripts.







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