Anthony Robbins said, "The difference in the results that people produce comes down to what they’ve done differently from others in the same situations."  We at Atlas Marketing Partners believe that Direct Response media is the same. A good approach is not to just have a good buy, but to have one that works. It’s that effortless. Making it work is not without effort, of course, but we make it seem that way. Direct Response with Atlas Marketing Partners doesn’t need three to six months to assess the gains. We trace returns and results on a daily basis and then adjust accordingly. We analyze which aspects of the plan are working and which are not and work diligently to make it all work.  We measure and evaluate the ROI, track the cost per lead, and scrutinize the cost of sales. We know that you expect to see the profit line on the graph rising and running, and if it’s not, we change what strategies need to be changed to make it happen. This is the core of Direct Response TV, Direct Response Radio, Direct Response Print, and Direct Response Internet Marketing. We purchase media to produce leads and sales. That’s what we do, and it’s as easy as that. Don’t you think Anthony Robbins would approve?






About Us

Atlas Marketing Partners is a full-service, nationally award-winning marketing, advertising, public relations, and technology solution agency whose commitment to quality is unprecedented.    With a combined 40 years of experience, our experts have made us one of the most cost-effective, creative, and successful results-driven marketing companies today.  With our vast network of connections throughout the United States, as well as many industry-specific targeted countries, we have the ability to bring affordable, streamlined solutions to meet even the most discriminative client.  This translates into effective campaigns that demonstrate ROI whether the focus is on selling a product, managing a sensitive public issue, or coming up with the key call-to-action to attract thousands of people to that next "big" thing.

Before any project or campaign is launched, Atlas Marketing Partners executives work closely with our clients to determine the exact needs of their situation. Comprehensive demographic and market research is developed before any campaigns are begun. Whether working creatively on an enterprise solution project or a small business development, Atlas Marketing Partners always brings the extraordinary talents of its select team of writers, designers, analysts, and marketing professionals. We are a horizontally-integrated marketing agency without the layers which allows us to work more effectively as a team of experts who stay involved -- from concept to completion.




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